March 26, 2008

If you’re reading this? Blame Dale or Soph.. or.. someone

Posted in Musings at 12:11 am by zhaewry

So.. SL:Dale Innis twittered away a few days ago, that I should start blogging some of the things I mentioned in my twitter. So Dale gets blamed. Well, Dale did that, and then I went to one of SL:Sophrosyne Stenvaag’s salons and had a bunch of things I had opinions on. and I thought, maybe I ought to blog that. So.. maybe Soph gets the blame. Well, then I said something in passing which someone said “you ought to blog that.” So.. maybe you all get the blame.

I don’t promise to blog on any regular basis. Anyone who knows me won’t be shocked by that. I’ll mostly be talking about Virtual Worlds stuff, especially thoughts on the technical and social sides of the emerging cloud of virtual worlds and social collaborative spaces.


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