June 5, 2008

Happy jumpy Ruths… Interop takes a step

Posted in Musings at 5:12 pm by zhaewry

At about 11:00 AM, Linden, Ruth arrived on an OpenSim server, quite quietly. and to her surprise. We had been testing some code, and I’d asked Layla Linden to try to log on again, to see how the bug looked on the client side. But.. the latest fix, put on moments earlier, was, in fact, the last one we needed. I logged in as well, and several other folks from Linden lab joined us. Here we have Me, Layla Linden and Tess Linden.

Rapture of the ruths

What’s to unusual about logging into OpenSim? Nothing. But.. this wasn’t a normal login. All three Avatars had been logged on via the Agent Domain in the Linden Lab Aditi test grid. The Agent Domain took a “place_avatar” request from the client, and issued a “rez_avatar” request to the OpenSim, which handed the Agent Domain the necessary details so it could relay it to the client, and permit a login. We’re all Ruth, because we’re not yet syncing the agents with openSim inventory yet. That’s just a small matter of programming… (Well, that’s what we programmers always say.) We have no inventory, and we’re stuck on the single region. But.. It’s a very nice first step.

Next steps will include better syncing with the OpenSim environment, handling teleport in and our requests, and then starting in on how to fetch assets from the test grid. As the code gels a little more, it will get posted to the OpenSim tree, so that people who want to explore this function, can enable it for testing.
Perhaps as importantly, we’re starting to generate concrete feedback to the protocol and architecture work, based on actually coding to it.

~ Zha

* * * * Added June 8th * * * *

Just to clarify a few points after talking to a number of people. This is very preliminary testing, and very much a “Oh, ok, so we can make this work, now we need to solve these three or four problems.” And, of course, when I say get posted to the OpenSim tree, it means submitted to the community, for the usual review process. Additionally, one of the things which needs to happen for me to feel comfortable with the shape of the code, is making it very easy to chose whether or not to run it, and how to manage it. Trying to be a good open source community member and all.

For those wondering about the implications of this work in terms of how Second Life is going to evolve? I’m certainly not the person to speak to about such things. Linden Lab runs Second Life, and they are the only people who can speak to their plans. I will point out, that this is a very first step, along a fairly long path that’s been discussed repeatedly by Linden and participants in the Second Life Architecture Working Group.  There are a large number of steps from simple hacked code, to anything resembling a set of inter operating worlds. Discussion and proposals on how to manage trust, content protection (Bounded by technical reality) and similar issues, are part of the ongoing discussions.

As always, feedback, comments, and thoughts are more than welcome. Here, in world, or via e-mail

~ Zha



  1. that’s great!

  2. […] successful test of interoperability between SL and OpenSim Happy jumpy Ruths… Interop takes a step Zha’s Virtual Musings "At about 11:00 AM, Linden, Ruth arrived on an OpenSim server, quite quietly. and to her […]

  3. Dale Innis said,

    friggin’ A!


  4. Rez Tone said,

    …a small step for Ruth, a giant step for Enterprise.

    Great Work!!!

  5. Shenlei said,

    Yay! Go Zha! Interop now!

  6. […] According to Zha’s Virtual Musings: […]

  7. So benefits … if a very large concert is about to occur on someones sim, you will potentially have the possibility (in way distant future) of letting people login to an OpenSim to see a mirror of the performance to avoid lag and server crashes?

  8. […] According to Zha Ewry, at 11AM SLT (US Pacific time), Zha Ewry, Layla Linden and Tess Linden completed a successful cross domain teleport from the Second Life Aditi (preview) grid to an OpenSim simulator, essentially a teleport of the agents from one virtual world to another, and the first demonstrable step in cross-virtual-world interoperability. […]

  9. […] Ewry, Layla Linden and Tess Linden are the avatars who took this historic first step towards interworld […]

  10. […] Thanks to New World Notes, where I learned of the first crossing of avatars from SL into another grid. At about 11:00 AM, Linden, Ruth arrived on an OpenSim server – Zha Ewry […]

  11. […] albeit across very similar platforms. One of the best places to read this is here at Zha Ewry’s blog as he’s running the IBM side of the […]

  12. […] via https://zhaewry.wordpress.com/2008/06/05/happy-jumpy-ruths-interop-takes-a-step/ […]

  13. Congratulations! This is a very important step.

  14. […] Read the full story here. To describe it in very very simple words: They managed to login on the “normal” (test) Grid of Linden Lab and then teleported to an OpenSim. But as pointed out by Zha: Just to clarify a few points after talking to a number of people. This is very preliminary testing, and very much a “Oh, ok, so we can make this work, now we need to solve these three or four problems.” […]

  15. […] podemos leer en “Zha’s Virtual Musings”, el viernes día 6 se consiguió teletransportar un avatar desde Second Life hasta OpenSim. En […]

  16. […] univers, celui des Lindens, et celui d’openSim. C’est donc ce 05 juin 2008 qu’ils ont fait le grand saut depuis la grille beta de SL (ADITI), et malgrès quelques petits problèmes mineurs, ça […]

  17. Hey there Zha 🙂

    I’m wondering if this is related to your comment of “pondering that URL scheme” from the supergrid?

  18. August Hayek said,

    This is inspiring news.

    I can see it now… we’ll be back to the breath-holding days of interoperability “bakeoffs” like my typist experienced when the Internet was mostly an academic exercise.

    If LL really does have visions of SL being the next Mosaic, embracing this may be one of the best things they can do. The question of the hour is whether the VC’s will grasp the broader significance and opportunity.

  19. Rip said,

    This is amazing guys. Kinda like the when the first man orbited the planet huh, but in this case metaspace. I wonder what this activity sparked at LL ? It would be interesting to know i bet. Good Job guys regardless!

  20. This is what we are waiting for !

    In France we have a great opensim grid (about 60 regions together, just beginning).

    SL has the community and great contents and features, Opensim has low price hosting and, in fact, interesting features especially concerning import (3D, with Realxtend), and OS functions.

    I like SL a lot but i think jumping from SL to Opensim (and others !) is very very important step. Want beta testers ?

    Best regards
    Hugobiwan Zolnir

  21. Banana Stein said,


    I have been hoping for this type of news for the last year and I am very impressed. Thanks for all of your hard work.


  22. Chili said,

    Great, but I do not think you are the first ones. We have tried it from SL main grid to RealXtend Sim, by using the RealXtend viewer. When we did that, we did not bring our SL avatar over to RealXtend, but we also “converted” into Ruth’s. What really happens, is that we log out of SL, and log into RealXtend, is it not the same you did Zha? I am looking forward to the day, I can run a SIM on my own server, and be able to TP from SIM to SIM, no matter where the SIM is located, in SL, OpenSim or RealXtend.
    Keep up the good work, and let us know if we can do anything to help you.

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  24. ZenWarrior Fuosing said,

    …a dream [finally] realized. Congratulations.

  25. Toni Alatalo said,


    the difference of this and what you have been able do with the RealXtend viewer for long is that here the people were getting *authenticated* by the LL SL to the OpenSim server – a single login, no logout & login needed when changing the system (grid you might say).

    That is also the target of RealXtend, which is why we also use separate user and avatar etc. servers there, but authenticating from LL SL to OpenSim has not been done before. So this is great news, as the goals seem to be similar anyway and much of the base tools can be shared.

    Hoping that clarified it a bit,
    ~Toni (a RealXtend developer and hopeful AWG groupie)

  26. Interested folks should vote on this jira:


    Create a set of permissions flags immediately that identifies “creation grid only [grid name]”/”trusted gird”/”any grid” to apply to all existing permissions settings with “creation [grid name] grid as the default setting

    See the description and comments for more info.


  27. Prokofy Neva said,

    Saijanai, I fail to see the unseemly haste in hammering out these permissions in this way. If the default is “trust no one except the original Linden grid” then leave it at that until there is time to educate people on the issues.

    Otherwise, it turns into an All-Union subbotnik where many people are brow-beaten into opening up their content “for the good of the Metaverse” and if they don’t, seen as stingy, backward, FUDded, etc.

    Furthermore, I’m sure I’m not the only one, as a mere lay person looking at this, that wonders what “a grid” is. The Lindens constantly talk about “the Grid” with a holy gleam in their eye as if it were “everywhere our software plays…and everwhere something connects to our software”. By that definition, the entire real world is “America” — but of course, other countries see it quite differently!

    You also have no definition for what “trusted” means. Trusted…by whom? Who decides? To do what?

    It’s good that you’re at least thinking “permissions” but it just seems to me that not enough heads have gotten together on this one. You people are in a tiny little cabal. The worse thing is, you don’t realize it, and keep pouting that you are misunderstood.

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  29. […] Zha’s Virtual Musings: Happy Jumpy Ruths… Interop Takes a Step – “What’s to unusual about logging into OpenSim? Nothing. But.. this wasn’t a normal login. All three Avatars had been logged on via the Agent Domain in the Linden Lab Aditi test grid. The Agent Domain took a “placeavatar” request from the client, and issued a “rezavatar” request to the OpenSim, which handed the Agent Domain the necessary details so it could relay it to the client, and permit a login.“ […]

  30. almoogaz said,

    just read,

  31. […] hace 25 aos de IBM y lder del Architecture Working Group ha realizado consiguiendo realizar un teletransporte desde Second Life a OpenSim. Este paso es fundamental para crear MEtaversoso libres, donde cada usuario pueda combinar sus […]

  32. […] an. Von dort aus sprang der Avatar Ruth Linden auf ein OpenSIM-Grid. Gelesen bei Sebi, Details bei Zha’s Virtual Musings Füge diesen Artikel als Bookmarks hinzu Tags: Avatar, GRID, linden lab, […]

  33. […] Labs has successfully moved an SL avatar to OpenSim according to a post made earlier this month by Zha Ewery. Although the news was kept pretty low key, I can’t help but think this is the equivalent of […]

  34. Natasha Yi said,

    Hi…Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts ! it was a great Thursday .

  35. Jim Brock said,

    Sometimes I wish I was born 20y earlier and days like these I can’t wait for the future to arrive…

  36. […] on interoperability between the Linden Lab grid and OpenSIm. See Zha Ewry’s blog post, “Happy Jumping Ruths…..Interop takes a step,” to see just how far this work on interoperability between OpenSim and the Linden Lab grid has come! […]

  37. […] may have heard talk of this on his blog, our very own Zha Ewry appears in this video on the Linden Blog. (thanks John Sisk for tweeting […]

  38. […] with Linden Lab’s Architecture Working Group. Zha has personally coded the patch and she blogged her progress on this last month. Zha’s interop patch can be viewed […]

  39. […] rapporteerde de IBM staff hier al eerder over, sinds 8 juni is het Linden Lab ‘certified’: een kleine teleport voor een avatar, […]

  40. […] Torley Linden. Il lavoro sull’interobalità è importante, come ha dichiarato David Levine (Zha Ewry in Second Life) perché introduce il concetto di protocollo ed apre la possibilità di connettere […]

  41. […] by Tim Stevens on 13 August 2008 Back in June, beta testers successfully teleported an avatar called Ruth from Second Life to an OpenSim server. Brian White, who also blogs at Virtual […]

  42. […] and a Region Domain containing the region simulators themselves.  As we’ve seen with the OpenSim – Linden Lab interop work, one can log into an OpenSim region server via an Agent Domain. However, it remains to be seen as […]

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  44. […] we tell you that worlds-hopping was about to come ;-)? Check this https://zhaewry.wordpress.com/2008/06/05/happy-jumpy-ruths-interop-takes-a-step/ Of course OpenSim and Second Life use the same client, so it’s not going to be that easy to […]

  45. […] – Bridging Virtual Worlds is the wrong answer (Techcrunch take on the SL/Opensim announcement) – Happy Jumpy Ruth… Interoperability takes a step… – MPEG Issues Call for Requirements for “Informarion exchange with Virtual Worlds” […]

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  48. I just found this forum and I must say that I’m glad I did. I hope to bring something to the community as I have already found some interesting topics.

    Hailing from the Dirty South (United States for those that don’ know).

  49. […] podemos leer en “Zha’s Virtual Musings”, el viernes día 6 se consiguió teletransportar un avatar desde Second Life hasta OpenSim. En […]

  50. […] he thought that Second Life and OpenSim would grow closer together. However, despite a successful Second Life-to-OpenSim teleport test by IBM and Linden Lab in 2008, the inter-grid teleport project was abandoned. Per […]

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