July 9, 2008

Interop teleports along

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Next steps for interop testing

As you’ve most likely seen by now and IBM and Linden Lab (TM) have announced the completion of testing with a proof of concept version of the AWG(link) protocol. I’m going to dive into some of the details of what’s been done, as well a some discussion of next steps.

The code supporting this proof of concept work, has been posted to the OpenSim mantis.

This is a series of additional steps, beyond the login via aditi work I discussed last month. In particular, it combines additional viewer support, with fuller support for the rez/derez avatar capabilities in both the OpenSim code, and the Linden Lab(TM) beta grid codebase. For the technically inclined, this means that you can login to either an OpenSim Region, or Linden Lab hosted region (currently on a very small number of test grid regions) and then teleport your avatar between sims in both environments.

This teleport preserves your identity, in the form of your avatar’s UUID, which is its unique identifier. Appearance, assets and inventory don’t move. Thus, the collection of generic ruth like avatars seen in the machinema Torley Linden did of some of our testing. In order to manage names and UUIDs sensibly, the OpenSim suffixes your avatars name with a tag, to mark it as having been authenticated via an external agent domain. If you haven’t seen the rather nice machinema Torley pulled, take a look here.

What does this mean?

So, what does all this mean? In the short term, its an exercise in working out technology. A proof of concept, is just what it sounds like. Build enough to see how the design works, find problems, and refine the design. Getting the basic code working gives us an understanding of how to build it properly, and lets us discover problems before they get deeply baked into the implementation.

Does this mean people will be teleporting between OpenSim hosted regions and the main Linden grid, with mad abandon any time soon? Probably not. The code to support this, is deployed in a very specific testbed, and is under active development. Further, while the teleport/login protocol is an important part of an overall story about how the protocol space may evolve, it’s only part of the puzzle. There has been a very active discussion of how to manage assets, permissions and inventory. These discussions have technical, legal, and social implications, and are happening in a fairly large number of places, from blogs and forums to inworld meetings, to casual one on one chats.

What’s next?

As usual, a bunch of cleanup. Code working is not code the way you want it. So, some cleanup is planned, with updates to the community. Beyond that, some discussion on things we learned, and working with the community to do wider testing. For those interested, Whump Linden, is leading up this work at Linden.

Beyond the proof of concept on teleport, is a whole range of issues about managing trust, allowing creators to express the terms they wish to apply to the use of thier objects, and then design, protocol and code which actually enables assets to be moved in a fashion that respects desires of the creators. This topic got so big I broke it into a seperate entry.

~ Zha



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